GTA V Budget Alternatives

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The new Grand Theft Auto is out this week! Many of you have pre-ordered and many of you will be rocking up to the midnight launch. Most of you will be adults and some of you will be 15 year old who have either tricked their Mam into buying it or have formed a pact with their Dad so your Mam never finds out.

Now the rest of you may be excited by this release but are skint. They’ve timed the launch well for the student market as the first loans of the academic year are in, but if like me your loan went on rent and food you may be looking for some mindless violence at a bargain price. So here we go, here’s Molly’s list of ultra violence for you little droogs. Continue reading


Payday Games

Gaming Monday HeaderSo by now most of you have had this month’s pay and are wondering what to buy. I’m in exactly the same boat this month as we’ve had some great games out this week.
Now, I haven’t had a chance to buy all these yet so I hope you’ll enjoy your choice for me and tell me all about it. Continue reading

Gaming Monday: Catherine

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Catherine is a puzzle game.
This may not be obvious at first but I promise you it is. What it actually seems like is a noir-esque anime about a guy who gets drunk with his friends and is afraid of commitment.

The premise of the game is a late night television show about different myths. This one is: “if you fall in a dream and don’t wake up before you hit the bottom, you die”. This relates to the puzzles, but I’ll come back to that.

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