Life Hacks: A Colourful Kitchen

Before I begin, I both apologise and acknowledge that to most readers this will be rather dry and dull but I’m childishly excited to write it.
I love old crockery, cups, mugs, kitchenware. All of it, the older the better. Alongside this I also love anything that’s rather bright because for me, cooking was never a particularly enjoyable experience but when I moved to university I was left with no choice but to cook for myself and so headed off, over three years ago, with a friend, to trawl the charity shops of Swansea and begin my collection of kitchenware. This is point where most people will go ‘I’m so not interested’. That’s fine, I get it. I’ll never read about your collection of old belts and watch straps and so life goes on happily. Continue reading


Life Hacks: Getting A New Car

Adopting Henrietta

Recently my good friend Angelo the Hyundai could no longer fulfil his role as my primary mode of transportation so I had to go through the difficult time of buying a new car, here is my tale, hopefully it’ll help those of you in a similar situation to make the right choice in your quest for fine travel. Continue reading

Clwb Kaboom! Comes to Llanelli’s Ffwrnes

Next month, coming from the producer of Bluestocking Lounge, is Clwb Kaboom!


With a mix of both burlesque and cabaret, exhibiting some of the UK’s notable artists along with up-and-coming local talent the evening is set to be fierce.

With their upcoming show in Swansea’s Grand Theatre sold out and the promise of Oh! Carolina and her bed of nails I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t go along to this.

Also performing will be Cardiff-born and UK-wide loved headliner, Lucy Purr; Lilly Laudanum and her double sword balance and Liberty Belle with her Monty Python inspired burlesque act along with more to be announced.

September’s Clwb Kaboom! is on Friday 20th, starting at 8pm, tickets are £8. If you can’t make it then be sure to book your place at November’s Clwb on Friday the 15th,

Get Some Culture

If you’re stuck for something to do this evening then we recommend taking yourself down to the cinema and see Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

With the spoof DJ finally hitting the big screen and becoming prime hostage in a siege of North Norfolk Digital, we think it’s worth a trip out.  Conveniently the film is being released on a Wednesday so those of you lucky enough to be on Orange/have a very kind friend who is on Orange can take advantage of their Orange Wednesdays.

May we also recommend heading out afterwards for a few Lady Boys in honour of the film’s release.


If this suggestion doesn’t tickle your pickle then tonight and tomorrow evening Oystermouth Castle are hosting an outdoor performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.
Having attended this evening a few summers ago I can thoroughly recommend it – make sure you take a blanket along and a lovely picnic then cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain.