Gaming: Haunting Ground Review

Haunting ground pic

Genre and release?

It’s a clear cut, no-doubts-about-it survival horror. This is more or less the ideals of gameplay for me. It’s got all the boxes ticked: Frightened and alone (large breasted) woman; check, Creepy monsters and creepier old men; check, Large castle/manor to explore; check, gore and clever death scenes; Check, Puzzely bits; Check, difficulty in gameplay/an actual struggle to survive; check and of course little to no combat ability; check.

It was released in 2005 by Capcom for the PS2, no issues (that I know of) with this release. Continue reading


Gaming: Rule of Rose

Rule of RoseGenre and release?

                It was released in 2006 by 505 and Punchline for the PS2 however it was never released in the UK, due to controversy with its content, basically some fearmongering douche bag politician spread some lies about it. It wasn’t banned but neither was it released, 505 just never let it free. Some copies were made though so if you have tons of disposable income you might want to get yourself a special magical UK copy. There’s one on Amazon at the moment for £699.99. If you are a normal person then I’d say get yourself a European copy, I have a French one which cost about £40 and it is worth that. You have language options anyway and all European copies should work on all European consoles so you should be good. If you’re American then you’re in luck, 505 and Sony disproved the lies spread about the game over here so you guys could get it. Not sure how rare it’ll be for you though. Continue reading

Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon – The Verdict

Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark moon

Luigi's Mansion

Genre and time?

It’s a kids’ game, by which I mean rated 7+ (It’s not for Kids, NOTHING is for kids!) but it’s a kind of horror-esque dungeon crawler, with small puzzle parts. In fact it could even be called a mission based survival horror for kids, or should I say for those who don’t want to be haunted by nightmares. Tt does actually get quite difficult to survive sometimes and who knows when a ghosty might pop out and laugh at you? It’s a direct sequel to Luigi’s Mansion for the GameCube, because Nintendo don’t like change.  It’s recent, released in March for the 3DS. It’s definitely a horror; it’s got ghosts in it! Continue reading