Seriously Rich Chocolate Cake!

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Today I’m bringing you a seriously delicious chocolate cake. Its flourless which is great for us gluten intolerant types. What it might lack in gluten, it makes up for in flavour. This recipe holds a dear place in my heart as it was first made for me by my lovely boyfriend on our first valentines day! It’s ultra delicious warm with a dollop of thick clotted cream or scoop of ice cream. You can make this into a loaf cake or into cupcakes – which ever takes your fancy! Continue reading

Recipe – Brown Bread Ice Cream

Recipes HeaderRich, nutty and ever-so-slightly boozy, brown bread ice cream isn’t as weird as it sounds; and infinitely more delicious. I was introduced to this ice cream by a friend and it’s gone straight up there with mint choc chip as a firm favourite. I’d always thought that making my own ice cream was beyond my limited culinary capabilities, but is a refreshingly straightforward process. You won’t need a fancy ice cream machine either; all you’ll need is a whisk (preferably electric, there’s a fair amount of whisking involved) and a freezer! This simple recipe from Paul Hollywood (of Great British Bake Off fame) was an absolute winner in my house. Continue reading

Welcome! Let’s make drinks! Lemon & Lime Ice Tea Crush

Recipes HeaderAs a warm welcome to Wendy House blog we bring to you a quick how-to on whipping up a refreshing cooler as a break from all of the overheated lying-in-the-garden we’ll be doing. Nothing complex here – I don’t have the skills or the cash flow.

I found myself melting away in the garden and mentally rifling through my parents’ fridge and decided some Lemon & Lime ice tea was needed as it was definitely far too hot for a cup of boiling tea infusions. Continue reading