Life Hacks: Woes Of The Curly-Haired

As recently promised, I am here to share the bits and tips I have gathered over the years about how best to manage your curly hair and how to care for it. Currently I have no structure in mind for this so…go with it. Continue reading


Life Hacks: Strengthening Protein & Oil Hair Mask

As I sit here typing to you my hair smells like egg and chips.

Through a particularly sunny summer, excessive use of my hair dryers and a generally lax approach to haircare I’ve gifted myself dry, frizzy, limp hair. Up until three or four years ago I had hair which never gave me issues, it was full and curly (which I hated on times) but now that my curls are starting to fade I miss them desperately and will do anything short of removing a limb to get them back, hence why I currently have eggs and olive oil on my head. Continue reading