An Autumn Shade: Embracing Berry

Normally I’m not a girl who will go for a season-dictated style but this year I’m finding myself utterly desperate for all things wine & berry coloured so I’m going to share the few little bits I’ve picked up. Not much but it’s enough to satisfy me that I’m doing my part for consumerism and the lovely autumn aesthetic.


It’s a delicious, deep, dark reddy/purple/wine colour which doesn’t cross the narrow border into a-bit-too-Goth. Continue reading


The Importance of a Correctly Fitted Bra

Recently, my world changed a little. I didn’t win the lottery or give birth; I found out my actual bra size. You’ve all heard the statistics that 85-90% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size, which we all casually ignore and think to ourselves ‘ I’m one of the 10%, these women are clearly all ignorant’. Well, I have news for you. You’re probably wearing the wrong bra size.


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