Life Hacks: A Colourful Kitchen

Before I begin, I both apologise and acknowledge that to most readers this will be rather dry and dull but I’m childishly excited to write it.
I love old crockery, cups, mugs, kitchenware. All of it, the older the better. Alongside this I also love anything that’s rather bright because for me, cooking was never a particularly enjoyable experience but when I moved to university I was left with no choice but to cook for myself and so headed off, over three years ago, with a friend, to trawl the charity shops of Swansea and begin my collection of kitchenware. This is point where most people will go ‘I’m so not interested’. That’s fine, I get it. I’ll never read about your collection of old belts and watch straps and so life goes on happily. Continue reading


Style On a Budget: Bringing Life to Old Furniture

Having been living the student life for the past three years (and soon to be the life of a graduate which is basically student life without the loan) I’ve been on a tight budget for a while but that hasn’t made my desire for beautiful things any weaker.

Over the years I have built up quite a collection of trinkets, crockery, clothing & furniture from charity shops, second hand shops and the generosity of friends and over the coming weeks will be sharing snippets of my collection in the hopes of forwarding my inspiration.

This week is the project I’m most proud of and that is the two pieces of furniture I stripped down, re-painted and have loved ever since. Continue reading