An Autumn Shade: Embracing Berry

Normally I’m not a girl who will go for a season-dictated style but this year I’m finding myself utterly desperate for all things wine & berry coloured so I’m going to share the few little bits I’ve picked up. Not much but it’s enough to satisfy me that I’m doing my part for consumerism and the lovely autumn aesthetic.


It’s a delicious, deep, dark reddy/purple/wine colour which doesn’t cross the narrow border into a-bit-too-Goth. Continue reading


Life Hacks: Strengthening Protein & Oil Hair Mask

As I sit here typing to you my hair smells like egg and chips.

Through a particularly sunny summer, excessive use of my hair dryers and a generally lax approach to haircare I’ve gifted myself dry, frizzy, limp hair. Up until three or four years ago I had hair which never gave me issues, it was full and curly (which I hated on times) but now that my curls are starting to fade I miss them desperately and will do anything short of removing a limb to get them back, hence why I currently have eggs and olive oil on my head. Continue reading

Beauty, By Nature.

Of late the list of skin issues I’ve been battling has been ever-growing so I decided to embark on a new adventure of skincare and hopefully less problems to contest with. To start myself off on my journey into better products I’ve decided to try out some which are almost entirely made from plants, vegetables and essential oils. Continue reading