Life Hacks: Getting A New Car

Adopting Henrietta

Recently my good friend Angelo the Hyundai could no longer fulfil his role as my primary mode of transportation so I had to go through the difficult time of buying a new car, here is my tale, hopefully it’ll help those of you in a similar situation to make the right choice in your quest for fine travel. Continue reading


Life Hacks: Woes Of The Curly-Haired

As recently promised, I am here to share the bits and tips I have gathered over the years about how best to manage your curly hair and how to care for it. Currently I have no structure in mind for this so…go with it. Continue reading

Have You Played?… Skyrim

Gaming Monday HeaderIf you haven’t been on the Internet for a few years, or maybe you took an arrow to the knee, you may have missed all the fuss about Skyrim.

Skyrim is part of the Elder Scrolls series and is set in the same universe as Oblivion and Morrowind, only this time we’re in the land of Skyrim, home of the Nords and now currently, Dragons.
You play as the Dragonborn or “Dovakhin” regardless of race or gender you can “shout” words of power like the Dragons or “Dovah”. You are pretty much Jesus but if you kill a chicken you will get arrested and thrown in jail. Continue reading

5 iPhone Games Not To Download If You Ever Want To Get Things Done Again

I’m not a gamer. I never had an N64 or a GameBoy or anything like that when I was a kid. I just wasn’t interested in that type of entertainment. I was too interested in making things (mainly a mess) cutting, sticking, gluing etc or reading fashion magazines thinking I was ultra cool. So whilst I was otherwise pre-occupied, it seems that other people were playing games. Maybe not having brothers and sisters (and good hand-eye co-ordination) gaming really passed my by. Until I got an iPhone. Now I’m not a up-to-date with all the latest downloads or anything, I’m not even sure whats cool or not but I know what I like. I don’t think any hardcore gamer would think much of my following choices but they certainly float my boat and tick all the boxes for things I would want in a game. So, please don’t judge me on my choices!

Continue reading

Life Hacks: Strengthening Protein & Oil Hair Mask

As I sit here typing to you my hair smells like egg and chips.

Through a particularly sunny summer, excessive use of my hair dryers and a generally lax approach to haircare I’ve gifted myself dry, frizzy, limp hair. Up until three or four years ago I had hair which never gave me issues, it was full and curly (which I hated on times) but now that my curls are starting to fade I miss them desperately and will do anything short of removing a limb to get them back, hence why I currently have eggs and olive oil on my head. Continue reading

GTA V Budget Alternatives

Gaming Monday Header

The new Grand Theft Auto is out this week! Many of you have pre-ordered and many of you will be rocking up to the midnight launch. Most of you will be adults and some of you will be 15 year old who have either tricked their Mam into buying it or have formed a pact with their Dad so your Mam never finds out.

Now the rest of you may be excited by this release but are skint. They’ve timed the launch well for the student market as the first loans of the academic year are in, but if like me your loan went on rent and food you may be looking for some mindless violence at a bargain price. So here we go, here’s Molly’s list of ultra violence for you little droogs. Continue reading