Spiced Blackberry Chutney

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This is the perfect time for picking blackberries! Up until the end of September, blackberries are everywhere! They pop up at the side of roads, by the river side and almost anywhere you can think of! They make the perfect accompaniment for breakfasts, on cereal or porridge and in pies! After picking blackberries, its best not to wash them straight away as they can spoil easily. They do freeze well in bags too! I found this recipe when scouring the internet & thought it looked delicious! It did call for Dijon mustard but as I didn’t have any, I substituted it for whole grain and found it worked perfectly! This is a lovely easy recipe, that makes a perfect Sunday afternoon make. Make sure to sterilize the jar you want to put it in before you start. You can use sterilizing tablets or fluid to do this. Continue reading


Seriously Rich Chocolate Cake!

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Today I’m bringing you a seriously delicious chocolate cake. Its flourless which is great for us gluten intolerant types. What it might lack in gluten, it makes up for in flavour. This recipe holds a dear place in my heart as it was first made for me by my lovely boyfriend on our first valentines day! It’s ultra delicious warm with a dollop of thick clotted cream or scoop of ice cream. You can make this into a loaf cake or into cupcakes – which ever takes your fancy! Continue reading

Recipe – Brown Bread Ice Cream

Recipes HeaderRich, nutty and ever-so-slightly boozy, brown bread ice cream isn’t as weird as it sounds; and infinitely more delicious. I was introduced to this ice cream by a friend and it’s gone straight up there with mint choc chip as a firm favourite. I’d always thought that making my own ice cream was beyond my limited culinary capabilities, but is a refreshingly straightforward process. You won’t need a fancy ice cream machine either; all you’ll need is a whisk (preferably electric, there’s a fair amount of whisking involved) and a freezer! This simple recipe from Paul Hollywood (of Great British Bake Off fame) was an absolute winner in my house. Continue reading

Low Carb Mash with Grilled Vegetables

Recipes HeaderCurrently I am on something of a health kick and therefore am searching out all of the delicious, healthy meals I can find whilst trying to not spend my life thinking ‘I’m so hungry I think I’m actually dying’. Continue reading

Welcome! Let’s make drinks! Lemon & Lime Ice Tea Crush

Recipes HeaderAs a warm welcome to Wendy House blog we bring to you a quick how-to on whipping up a refreshing cooler as a break from all of the overheated lying-in-the-garden we’ll be doing. Nothing complex here – I don’t have the skills or the cash flow.

I found myself melting away in the garden and mentally rifling through my parents’ fridge and decided some Lemon & Lime ice tea was needed as it was definitely far too hot for a cup of boiling tea infusions. Continue reading