5 iPhone Games Not To Download If You Ever Want To Get Things Done Again

I’m not a gamer. I never had an N64 or a GameBoy or anything like that when I was a kid. I just wasn’t interested in that type of entertainment. I was too interested in making things (mainly a mess) cutting, sticking, gluing etc or reading fashion magazines thinking I was ultra cool. So whilst I was otherwise pre-occupied, it seems that other people were playing games. Maybe not having brothers and sisters (and good hand-eye co-ordination) gaming really passed my by. Until I got an iPhone. Now I’m not a up-to-date with all the latest downloads or anything, I’m not even sure whats cool or not but I know what I like. I don’t think any hardcore gamer would think much of my following choices but they certainly float my boat and tick all the boxes for things I would want in a game. So, please don’t judge me on my choices!

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Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon – The Verdict

Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark moon

Luigi's Mansion

Genre and time?

It’s a kids’ game, by which I mean rated 7+ (It’s not for Kids, NOTHING is for kids!) but it’s a kind of horror-esque dungeon crawler, with small puzzle parts. In fact it could even be called a mission based survival horror for kids, or should I say for those who don’t want to be haunted by nightmares. Tt does actually get quite difficult to survive sometimes and who knows when a ghosty might pop out and laugh at you? It’s a direct sequel to Luigi’s Mansion for the GameCube, because Nintendo don’t like change.  It’s recent, released in March for the 3DS. It’s definitely a horror; it’s got ghosts in it! Continue reading