Life Hacks: Budget Halloween

Budget Halloween

Halloween is a lot of fun and only sad losers say they are too old to dress up but, going crazy on Halloween can get rather costly so I’m here to provide you with some tips to have the most amount of fun without bankrupting yourself.

Picture Credit goes to Lydia Davies (currently posted without her permission because she's in work)

Picture Credit goes to Lydia Davies (currently posted without her permission because she’s in work)

Costume Tips:

  • Remember there are some shops that will be invaluable to you; The Works, Primark, Tesco and any discount craft of clothes shops. Also Poundland never forget this wonderful place.
  • If your costume involves something which is currently in fashion that will save you a load of money, you’ll be able to get cheap versions from tons of cheap clothes shops, as it’s only a costume it won’t matter about price and no worries for customisation.
  • It can actually work out as cheaper as well as easier to buy clothes and cut and customise than to get material and make things from scratch. It can also turn out just as well.
  • You can get garden wire for reasonably cheap from garden centres; this can be very useful for making things such as masks or reinforcing things so they won’t fall apart while you’re out drinking.
  • Papier-mâché is very easy to make and can be used to make all sorts of stuff. The recipe is:
    mix 1/4 cup of  flour with a cup of cold water. Mix to a smooth consistency  When completely free of lumps, add the mixture to the water in the saucepan. Gently boil, stirring constantly for two or three minutes until the mixture thickens. This will be a quite thin glue so paint it on to the paper over something you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Simple make up and clothes can be far more effective than face paint, as due to the large amount of alcohol I’m sure you’ll be consuming the amount of re-application will make this a tedious choice.
  • Fake blood can be effective but even the more expensive versions dry up and flake which will just be annoying, (Also boyfriends don’t appreciate large quantities of fake blood on their carpet.)
  • Try and remember to keep some safe and reachable (by you) compartment for money/phone incorporate it into your costume if you can but make sure you stay safe, you can’t trust all those Ghosts and Ghouls.
  • There are loads of easy ways to get original costumes this Halloween so don’t settle for slutty cat, in fact you could try something not slutty at all if that makes sense?

Parties and gatherings

  • Decorations can be bought from Poundland of the exact same quality as you can get from other places such as smiths or party shops. You can get bat wings for your car!
  • Half a bottle of white wine, a whole bottle of red, red grape and orange juice mixed together makes a brilliant (and delicious) Halloween punch which is a wonderful shade of red. It looks good with bits of passion fruit in it, quite gory.
  • Raspberry and black berry in cakes deserts and sometimes just in cream make a wonderful blood red, you can put it in some icing as well.
  • Old sheets with some splashes of fake blood make good covering for tables and couches they will also catch rogue alcohol.
  • Pre-drinking is clearly a must on such a busy town day so make sure to have some drinking games. Here is the Halloween friendly zombie movie drinking game for you:

Take one finger for the following:

  • Zombie gets shot but carries on anyway.
  • Character kills self rather than being din dins.
  • Human gets bitten
  • An unconventional weapon is used (e.g. guitar.) Baseball bats don’t count as they are used more as weapons than for sport.

Take two fingers for the following:

  • Zombie is killed via headshot while approaching
  • Zombie bursts through a surface, ground window etc
  • Someone asks ‘What are they’ or some variation of this.
  • Army shows up and saves the day
  • A lost character returns as a zombie or alive.
  • We see zombie dinner time, zombies just chilling nomming away on some flesh.
  • Any stupid heroic act
  • Any evil/traitorous act
  • Breasts are flashed (either zombie or living)

Take Three fingers for the following:

  • Someone gets bitten and tries to hide it
  • Army show up and end up to be responsible/make things worse
  • We witness a names character transform
  • Someone says ‘You have to shoot them in the head’ or some variation of this.
  • Use of fire

Take Five fingers for the following:

  • While the characters mourn a death we see the mournee gets up
  • Someone kills a named character zombie
  • If it is a modern zombie film that references a classic zombie film.

Waterfall for as long as:

  • Characters are surrounded by hoard
  • Characters are having sex (only if it happens post zombie outbreak)
  • A character is running back to the group while being chased (e.g. if they are about to jump on a car)


These simple tips should allow anyone an affordable and yet drunken Halloween. Enjoy!


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