An Autumn Shade: Embracing Berry

Normally I’m not a girl who will go for a season-dictated style but this year I’m finding myself utterly desperate for all things wine & berry coloured so I’m going to share the few little bits I’ve picked up. Not much but it’s enough to satisfy me that I’m doing my part for consumerism and the lovely autumn aesthetic.


It’s a delicious, deep, dark reddy/purple/wine colour which doesn’t cross the narrow border into a-bit-too-Goth.


Everyone will be aware that I have an *extensive* nail polish collection but I just keep on reapplying this one because I can’t see how any other shade works right now. What are your Autumn palette choices?


Next on my list is another beauty-buy and it is a Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick. When I picked this up I was deliberately searching for something quite bold so was ecstatic to come across the lovely Dark Night Waterl-Oops!


IMG_3128In the bullet it is *dark* but when swatched it separates to a lovely pinky-purple.

Unfortunately I do not currently have a picture of this on my lips – I’m writing this after makeup removal time and believe me, that won’t be a very nice picture. Dark lipstick and bare skin do not a good look make.


Finally, I was naughty last week and went to Topshop and, boy oh boy, I hauled. Hard. I picked up some new jeans and these 3 lovely tops as because there’s anything I’m lacking it’s cosy, comfortable clothing and these fitted the brief.


The Trophy Jumper is by far my favourite purchase as I can’t resist the combo of comfortable, boyish charm coupled with exquisite floral embroidery.

IMG_3102IMG_3103So there you have it, some little snippets of inspiration for what I’ll be wearing to bring the cosiness and warmth of Autumn to my days.

Let me know what you’ve been wearing and craving as the weather turns and the cold rolls in.



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