Woody Allen – Blue Jasmine.

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Here is Allen’s return to films based in the USA after a stint of European films, with Vicky Christina Barcelona in the Spanish City and Midnight in Paris set in the French Capital.  As soon as the film begins, the iconic Allen font and titles appear and I immediately felt comforted. I adore his films and find his characters utterly intriguing and Blue Jasmine in absolutely no exception. The story tells us of a formerly extremely wealthy socialite, Jasmine, from New York City, who is in decline after the unfortunate happenings of her late husband. She moves to San Fransisco to be with her estranged sister and restart her life. This is a struggle for Jasmine and we see her drinking heavily and becoming even more erratic. Her story is one that happens far more than any of us care to imagine and from the start you can gauge a sense of foreboding and near fatal collapse.

Allen perfectly captures complex characters in his films. He arranges them so utterly perfectly in a way which lets the audience their story. He makes you think about your relationships and makes commentary on modern life. As per his other films, this is a beautifully shot & fabulously set movie with glorious languishing shots of San Fransisco and New York. Beautiful people in beautiful clothes and apartments are sprinkled throughout the film. The cast of familiar and non familiar actors makes for fantastic viewing and Cate Blanchette who plays the lead character Jasmine is utterly divine. She is a perfectly crafted character and she makes you fall for her and feel sorry for her all at once. She is accompanied by Alec Baldwin and Pete Sarsgaard as the two handsome men to her elegant femininity.

I throughly enjoyed the 98 mins of Blue Jasmine and it’s shot to the top of my Top Woody Allen Films List (next being Annie Hall, Midnight In Paris and finally Vicky Christina Barcelona.) I would highly recommend it for its humour and it’s quite social commentary on the way we live our lives today.

Must see for: beautiful clothes, fabulous scenery and challenging story.

Not so good for: star-studded cast (however I find this delightful. It means I don’t spend the whole film trying to work out what I’d seen him/her in before!)

Also it is only on at selected cinemas so double-check before you book!

Rating: 8.5/10


Abi x


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