Have You Played?… Skyrim

Gaming Monday HeaderIf you haven’t been on the Internet for a few years, or maybe you took an arrow to the knee, you may have missed all the fuss about Skyrim.

Skyrim is part of the Elder Scrolls series and is set in the same universe as Oblivion and Morrowind, only this time we’re in the land of Skyrim, home of the Nords and now currently, Dragons.
You play as the Dragonborn or “Dovakhin” regardless of race or gender you can “shout” words of power like the Dragons or “Dovah”. You are pretty much Jesus but if you kill a chicken you will get arrested and thrown in jail.

To those if you familiar with Elder Scrolls, Fallout or Bethesda studios in general, you’ll know the gist of Skyrim gameplay.
You have a series of main storyline quests that take you to the end of the game and 1,000,000 side quests that you can sometimes pick up by walking into a town. The game lasts forever, seriously I got it in 2011 and I only brought myself to doing the main quest 2 months ago and I still didn’t find everything.



But why should you pick it up after reading my series of ramblings? Well it’s just a beautiful game. The hillsides, the snow, the dungeons are all well designed and visually stunning.
The soundtrack is epic, even when running through a field catching butterflies you’re treated to pleasant choral tunes followed by ominous drums when some wolves start chasing you.
Much like many of Bethesda’s games, people’s sexuality is their business. Female Lizard wanting to marry a Female human? Go for it. Male cat-man wanting to marry a lady Orc? Make sure you invite us. If you can convince someone to marry you in Skyrim, then everyone’s cool with it. There are however, race issues as many of the Nords hate elves. Maybe you can solve the race wars going on, I couldn’t get everyone to be friends but that’s the beauty of this game, everyone’s playthrough is different.

If you want to see the emotional depth and comic value of Skyrim first hand, I recommend watching Sips do a playthrough . The series is still going strong so it’s worth a look.

I love the game, even with the glitches and the never-ending quests it’s still a treat to load it up and see what trouble I left my character in.

Let me know if you love the game/ loathe it or are playing it for the first time.

See you next week,
Molly x


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