5 iPhone Games Not To Download If You Ever Want To Get Things Done Again

I’m not a gamer. I never had an N64 or a GameBoy or anything like that when I was a kid. I just wasn’t interested in that type of entertainment. I was too interested in making things (mainly a mess) cutting, sticking, gluing etc or reading fashion magazines thinking I was ultra cool. So whilst I was otherwise pre-occupied, it seems that other people were playing games. Maybe not having brothers and sisters (and good hand-eye co-ordination) gaming really passed my by. Until I got an iPhone. Now I’m not a up-to-date with all the latest downloads or anything, I’m not even sure whats cool or not but I know what I like. I don’t think any hardcore gamer would think much of my following choices but they certainly float my boat and tick all the boxes for things I would want in a game. So, please don’t judge me on my choices!

1. Plants vs Zombies 2 (Made by PopCap) Free (In-app purchases offered)


Now this is the latest version of the famous game which you can get on a few platforms. I will talk about the original iPhone game later on (they are too different to mention at the same time) but PvZ2 is a great strategy/puzzle game. The object of this game is to defend your house from the impending zombie invasion. There are different obstacles you have to get past which vary with the level/version etc. In this recent release there are 3 different ‘zones’: Ancient Egypt, Pirates & something else that I haven’t got to yet. You have to plant different plants which do different things in order to defeat the zombies. Its based on strategy and you’ve got to think about where you’re planting your plants etc. I really like that there are lots of different things you can achieve and do with this game. It seems to make it really last and there’s always a different challenge to undertake. It has lots of different levels which obviously get harder at you go through them. I also really enjoy the graphics in this version as they do differ from the original. It’s frustratingly enjoyable and is good if you fancy a longer game play.

Pro’s: Fun graphics, lots of levels
Con’s: Paying for upgrades!

2. Dots (Made by Betaworks One) Free


This is a fun and slightly addictive game in which you have to basically join the dots. There is a time limit which makes it more challenging and certain restrictions on which way you can connect the dots. I really like this one for when I don’t have long to play and just want a simple, not to challenging game. Probably my favourite thing about this game is how beautifully it’s been designed. It’s very simple but beautifully effective and stylish. The varying modes and options have made it a staple for me and a great one to have on standby.

Pro’s: great design, very stylish, multiple modes
Con’s: Not the most challenging of games.

3. Candy Crush Saga. (Made by King.com) Free (In-app purchases offered)


This game was made by a UK company and originally designed for Facebook. It’s another puzzle game with endless levels. Its frustratingly addictive and quite frankly annoying. However, the company behind it are very clever. It looks fantastic and has become one of the fastest and highest grossing app’s to date. Its a matching game with what feels like 100,000 levels. There are multiple challenges, goals and obstacles as you progress up through the levels. Some of these, are annoyingly easier to complete on Facebook, but if you don’t want to clog up your friends news feed it’s probably best to avoid this. Also you only have a certain amount of attempts per game, so if you go through those, they take 30mins to refresh. Of course you could purchase new lives for 69p per life to help you complete the level, but this is a slippery slope towards a full blown addiction. If your friends are addicted as mine are, you’ll be getting 101 notifications a day telling you so-and-so has given a life. I’ve had to delete this from my phone as I was getting far too engrossed and spent far too much time thinking about stupid little candies.

Pro’s: Never ending level’s, great design
Con’s: In-app purchases, too darn addictive, limited amount of lives before you have to purchase more.

4. Fruit Pop. (Made by Metamonki Inc) Free


This was one of the first games I really got into about a year ago. Its not earth shattering by any means but it really is a fun, enjoyable game. Its another puzzle game (I see a theme reoccurring here) with really adorable fruit to connect. It’s a timed game which adds to the intensity and fun. I really love all the graphics and the little fruit make cute popping noises and ooh’s and ahh’s when you connect them. I’ve recommended it to a few friends (mainly girls!) who said its made their commutes to work more enjoyable! Its a speedy game that subtly sucks you in and makes you play for hours on end.

Pro’s: Cute graphics and sounds, speedy game play
Con’s: Can get a bit boring, not vey challenging.

5. Plants vs Zombies Original (Made by Pop Cap) 69p


The original version of this game is still as fresh as the day it was released. It has the same essential framework and goals as the newer version. There’s a larger variety of plants in this version with lots of mini games and different types of games. This is a paid app but there are few in app purchases and you can do a lot more with the coins you collect which you can’t in the newer version. This version has older looking graphics and is a little slower compared the new one but I really like having all the options of games to play. They’re basically the same but there are few differences that make them seem like different games to me. I play both on different occasions and when I fancy a different type of game play.

So there’s my round up of iPhone games. I’m not gaming expert as I said before and I don’t want to give away what happens in the games where possible but I hope this helped you out. Remember iPhone games area as highly addictive and dangerous as crack (apparently) and are to be treated with extreme caution. These should all come with warnings pre-download and should be best avoided around exam season. Happy gaming!



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