Life Hacks: Strengthening Protein & Oil Hair Mask

As I sit here typing to you my hair smells like egg and chips.

Through a particularly sunny summer, excessive use of my hair dryers and a generally lax approach to haircare I’ve gifted myself dry, frizzy, limp hair. Up until three or four years ago I had hair which never gave me issues, it was full and curly (which I hated on times) but now that my curls are starting to fade I miss them desperately and will do anything short of removing a limb to get them back, hence why I currently have eggs and olive oil on my head.

This is not a hair treatment specific to curly hair – I should probably be using something a bit more intensive than the contents of my fridge since curly hair can become incredibly dry (there will be a full post on the woes of maintaining curly hair very soon). The idea here is that the protein in the eggs will strengthen the hair and the oil will return much-needed moisture.


Me looking F.I.T.

All you need is:

  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tbs of olive oil

You just beat the ingredients together then paste them on to your hair. Tip: take the eggs out of the fridge for a while before doing this because otherwise your hands get really *really* cold. Oh, and if it is your parents Extra Virgin Olive Oil that you’ll be using, try not to waste any as they probably won’t much appreciate their prized cooking ingredients being used for your haircare whims.

I’ve currently had this mask in for about 45 minutes as I feel that the longer it’s in the more work it’s going to do, and my hair needs a *lot* of work. The egg hardens which gives your hair a nice 70s over-gelled look.
A lot of people say to put on a thin shower cap and apply a gentle stream of warm air which opens the hair follicles and allows the moisture to sink in but unfortunately I haven’t stayed in a hotel recently and therefore don’t have any of those lovely shower caps lying around so I’ve just clipped it up and occasionally removed the trickle of olive oil running down my neck.

So, BRB whilst I go remove the cooking ingredients from my hair.


Well…my hair hasn’t turned to silk and angels didn’t sing when I got out of the shower (well, not for my hair at least). It does feel quite a lot softer but I can’t see any particular difference in the curl. I think my hair is going to take several months of intensive work to try and restore its full potential.

Does anyone have any tips for restoring curly hair?

I will keep you updated on my search for lost curls and if I find the solution I’ll shout it from the rooftops.

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