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The new Grand Theft Auto is out this week! Many of you have pre-ordered and many of you will be rocking up to the midnight launch. Most of you will be adults and some of you will be 15 year old who have either tricked their Mam into buying it or have formed a pact with their Dad so your Mam never finds out.

Now the rest of you may be excited by this release but are skint. They’ve timed the launch well for the student market as the first loans of the academic year are in, but if like me your loan went on rent and food you may be looking for some mindless violence at a bargain price. So here we go, here’s Molly’s list of ultra violence for you little droogs.

GTA 1-4


Now this may seem obvious but if you haven’t played them or haven’t played them for a while it might be worth catching up. Grand theft auto 4 is £12.99 preowned in Game and is often in the 2 for £20 offer. The others might be harder to come by but head to your local game stall/ independent retailer and see what’s on offer.

Saint’s Row 1-4

saints row

You may have noticed I mentioned number 4. “This only just came out you idiot” you’re shouting at me. Well be quiet and hear me out! Saint’s Row 4 is £25 in Tesco at the moment and while it’s not exactly pocket money prices it is a lot cheaper than GTAV. SR4 is arguably a carbon copy of number 3 gameplay wise but with over the top weapons, plot lines and just about everything it is worth a look. If you’re on a severe budget just buy 2&3.

Borderlandsborderlands I’ve recently started my own playthrough of this series. I’ve seen so many of my friends play it and have often played co-op on their consoles so I thought it was time to have a go on my own. The original GOTY edition is £11.99, only £2 more than the vanilla version and you get all the DLC, & the second one £19.99 in Game.
This game keeps on giving. The developers are still giving out codes for the second game that unlocks chests with rare and powerful weapons. The excitement when you unlock a loot crate, hoping for a rare weapon is huge.
Very violent and full of side missions.

Fallout 3/ New Vegasfallout These games aren’t in the same vein as GTA but they are genuinely fantastic and while not a classic shoot ’em up they can get violent. Step on a landmine? Oh all your limbs are gone. Make a headshot? Oh his head actually got shot off! The quests and storylines are deep and you really can play it your way. Choose who to side with, choose who you blow up and choose your friends. Both games are £4.99 pre-owned in Game.

I hope this satisfies your thirst for blood this week, tweet me and let me know what you’re playing and what your kill count is.
See you next week!

Molly – Tweet Me!

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