Dining Out? Let Me Help With That

Coming up in the next month are two new eateries in the centre of Cardiff and a lovely place dedicated wholly to tea on Roath’s Wellfield Road – already home to the lovely Pear Tree and JOE’S ICE CREAM.
So, if you needed a reason to hit up Cardiff, or just move to the glorious city then read on.

Mission Burrito

mission burrito

Finally coming to fill the Mexican-food-shaped hole in Cardiff is Mission Burrito. Set up by UK burrito enthusiasts who, after a trip to the USA, found their desperate need for the floury wraps unfulfilled. The chain has grown from a singular restaurant in Oxford to five branches with a new one soon to open in the Friary, Cardiff (where Live Lounge is, if that helps you out). With a small, but perfectly-formed menu, fresh ingredients, and an online ordering service it seems like Mission Burrito have a good thing going. With only a small space with seating for 12, the restaurant might well become the must-stop location on a late night walk home – there are rumours of late opening hours. Hold Me! Opening in October.

The Grazing Shed

the grazing shed

A finely crafted burger is like a culinary mecca and that is precisely what the creators of Cardiff’s Gwdihw are promising with their newest venture, The Grazing Shed. Making their trademark Super Tidy Burgers from high quality local beef, chicken and vegetables and sandwiching them together with fresh bread baked on site daily then them topping off with homemade sauces and chutneys prepared every morning, this place looks promising. With only teasing hints of their menu released so far and rumours of the Frisky Chicken and Spicy Uncle Pedro being thrown around it’s sounding pretty difficult to resist.

The Grazing Shed, 1 Barrack Lane. Info: http://thegrazingshed.com/


Chaiholics crop

When I heard about the impending opening of Chaiholics I very nearly wet myself. Sorry for the graphic but there are no words to express the special place in my life that a good cup of tea holds. This is Cardiff’s first authentic Chai Café. Established by Ray Sandhu who recently gave up life as a solicitor to open his teahouse and bring top notch chai and loose leaf teas to Cardiff’s Wellfield Road.
Originating in India, masala chai is a black tea infused with spices and served with plenty of milk, making it perfectly creamy and sweet. Beyond their offering of a perfect cup of chai, Chaiholics have a selection of loose leaf teas and cold drinks, including the increasingly popular cold-yoghurt lassi. So, you know. Get down there.

Chaiholics, Wellfield Road

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Or, make your own delicious food using recipes from the Wendy House:


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