Beauty, By Nature.

Of late the list of skin issues I’ve been battling has been ever-growing so I decided to embark on a new adventure of skincare and hopefully less problems to contest with. To start myself off on my journey into better products I’ve decided to try out some which are almost entirely made from plants, vegetables and essential oils.

Bentley Organic Shampoo


First on my list to hunt down was a new shampoo because, as someone with natural curls I seem to spend a large amount of time battling dryness and frizz so decided to give Bentley Organic Shampoo a shot. Made from 100% Naturally Derived Products, 70% of which are Organic I was feeling optimistic. I am trying to keep my hair on a sulphate-free regime as an attempt to retain some of its natural oils but silicon-free hair products are expensive so sometimes I need a good shampoo to get rid of it all. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Bentley shampoo for Dry & Damaged hair contains no sulphates or silicones. The only product in its ingredients list which I would generally try to keep away from my hair is alcohol but this is rather far down on the ingredients list and a little alcohol is a lot better than the mounds of drying, hair-stripping sulphates which most products contain.


The version for dry & damaged hair contains pomegranate, olive and aloe vera with sweet orange. Generally I get excited about the promise of a scent or fruity ingredients then fail to find any evidence of them except ‘fruit scent’ at the bottom of the ingredients list but, as you can see, this shampoo is packed full of these products – the real deal too, not just a scent which vaguely resembles these ingredients. The smell… it is divine. If you can imagine the smell of orange with hints of pomegranate, olive and aloe vera then well done but if not, just take a whiff of this.
When shampooing my hair I do so sparingly out of fear of drying my hair but I am confident in using this shampoo when my hair is loaded full of products and it remains soft and glossy afterwards. I haven’t yet tried out the other products in the range but for those looking to restore some healing oils to their hair then I’d give this a shot. £4.15 for 250ml

Le Petit Olivier Extra Mild Soap


Not only am I blessed with dry hair but I am also often inflicted with dry skin (attractive, I know) so I have been on the hunt for some body products to help heal my skin. I’m not normally a soap kind of gal as I find soaps to be quite drying but alongside the Bentley shampoo I found Le Petit Olivier soap. It is extra mild soap which is paraben free, contains no animal products and is made from 100% vegetable oils. When using it my skin does tend to get that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling – which is generally only ok when it’s your teeth – but my skin doesn’t dry out when using this soap.


I’d be hesitant to use it daily on any skin other than my hands but that is because I generally don’t use soap but for anyone looking for a mild, natural soap with a beautiful scent then I’d say this is the way to go. The top ingredient of this soap is sodium palmate which is a derived from palm oil and has a hazardous rating of 0 – the lowest on the scale. Thumbs up!

Weleda Skin Food


Whilst my search for a body wash made purely from milk and honey continues, finding a natural product which would quench the thirst of my skin was easy. It’s no secret that Weleda make excellent products and I can attest to that through using Skin Food this week. Weleda products are free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colourants. I’m not sure I believe them on the fragrances bit because this stuff smells amazing. My forearms currently have the most delicious, sweet scent after I applied it over an hour ago. With sunflower seed oil, sweet almond, beeswax and rosemary, it all adds up to make one sweet sweet cocktail. In a silly way, what I love most about Skin Food is that when you squeeze it from the tube oils pour out along with the cream. You can *see* the oils in it. It’s also a pretty thick consistency so you’re gonna have to use some elbow grease to rub it into your skin but if it had the consistency of milk I’d be doubtful of its ability to properly nourish my ageing epidermis.                  I just took a short break there to go and apply some more of this. As amazing as this product is, it doesn’t come cheap. A small tube of 75ml will set you back £8.95 so rather than solution to all-over dry skin I would reserve this for real problem patches of skin such as particularly dry joints or eczema.IMG_2799 IMG_2800

Stocking all of these products, and my new favourite place ever is Aardvark Alternatives of Carmarthen and I seriously recommend making the trip down there. I also got some Miso soup sachets there…safe to say – YUM.

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