Animal crossing; it’s not you, it’s me

Gaming Monday HeaderSo for avid readers of this blog, you may remember my first post about animal crossing addiction. This is the other end of the spectrum unfortunately.

Ever since I played Wide World, I’ve loved Animal Crossing and New Leaf was no different. For a few weeks I got immersed and I fell in love with the game. But then I started devoting less and less time to the game’s upkeep. I lasted a lot longer with new leaf because of all the new features but eventually I grew tired.

I haven’t fully given up yet but I find myself booting the game up less and less. Animal Crossing isn’t a game you can occasionally dip into and I find myself getting tetchy when Isabel asks me where I’ve been. Is it my fault she doesn’t have what it takes to keep me entertained? Can I really be blamed for looking elsewhere?

The first sign I start getting bored is when Tom Nook’s repayments get too much. I no longer have the attention span to harvest fruit/bugs/fish on a daily basis just to get an extra room on my house. I want to develop my town more but I don’t want to buy loads of t-shirts just to unlock the hair salon, I’m quite happy in my Link costume.

Autumn has started and this does mean a new host of bugs and fish to catch which could mean I start playing more but with Pokemon X&Y due for release, wind walker hd and the new Link to the past on 3DS, I doubt I’ll have the time.

Being mayor of a town where you don’t get paid and are expected to fund every public works project yourself gets tiring, it’s a thankless job and I’m ready to hand in my notice.

So I’m sorry Isabel but I think we need a little break. We need some time apart and hopefully I might come back instead of trading you in for the new Harvest Moon.
I know you’ll take care of SipsCity.
Mayor Molly


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