The Coolest Sisters in Music?


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It was a dusky early summer evening. I was driving back from London, listening to the radio, chasing the sun which was setting in front of me. I was listening to the radio and this song came on. The after that first drum beat, a mere 3 seconds in, I was hooked. Like SERIOUSLY hooked. This doesn’t happen to me to often. I’m strictly a BBC Radio 4 girl: plays, documentaries on cheese making, how to grow the best azaleas, the lot. I love it. However, this particular evening, as often happens when it’s late and I’m more tired, I flicked to a music station. I’m so glad I did. I committed the band name to certain memory and I knew I would never forget it. The show presenter mentioned that their EP (Extended Play for those who like to know what abbreviations mean – I do) was available for download. As soon as I got home, I chatted briefly to my boyfriend about our days as you do but I also told him about the band I’d heard on the radio. As soon as I heard the song again, I fell a little more in love. But who is this amazing band I hear you ask. They are three Californian sisters and their band name Haim (pronounced ‘Hiam’ to rhyme with time) is their surname. Esteé, Alana and Danielle might just be the coolest sisters in the music business. Their sound is a blend of folk and modern, with a great beat behind it.  Their songs are catchy, summery and just plain great. Formed in 2006 the San Fernando Valley sisters didn’t start releasing music until 2012, when they exploded on the scene. They have toured with Mumford and Sons and Florence and The Machine (two of my favourite bands!) and have played many festivals. They look super cool too, with their long flowing hair, vintage cut offs and red lipstick, they are style icons as well as musical sensations. They are currently embarking on a world tour at the moment and I was first in the queue to buy my tickets for their Birmingham gig in December. Their debut LP (Long Play) is set to drop on the 30th and I certainly cannot wait. Remember these three beauties, once you hear them, you’ll be hooked.

Until next time,

Abi x


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