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You’re Next

You’re Next is a bloody great slasher, not a scary horror movie but a slasher. I was dragged kicking and screaming into this film and I sat there nervously awaiting the scares. A couple of them came and went but the film soon changed direction and became a gruesome slasher. That accompanied with several funny scenes made it a surprise comedy, even though I don’t think that was the intention from the creators. People sat in the cinema giggling away as various body parts were hacked at.

The film starts as a young couple are brutally murdered by a group of guys in masks and thus the titles appear. A family who live next door to the couple come together to celebrate a wedding anniversary. All hell breaks loose and the family start dropping like flies. It’s left to a new member of the family to fend off the masked murders who are clearly willing to do anything to make sure everyone dies.

This film was meant to be a horror, an 18 horror nonetheless that really pushed the genre back into the limelight. You’re Next, was by my understanding, the first widely released 18 horror since The Evil Dead, the distributors obviously thought it had potential. It is funny, and bloody and some parts are pretty creepy but on the whole it’s good gruesome fun. The female lead, Australian actress Sharni Vinson was the stand out performer. She was great at killing and so creative. It was nice to see a strong female lead in such a violent film. However, this film does feel like a game of Cluedo. You know someone’s in on it and you expect the killer to be revealed as suspect A in the kitchen with the revolver. The action starts fairly quickly but you’re under the impression it’s going to be a jumpy, horror film. Once you realise what it is it’s enjoyable to say the least. Do not go in with the expectations of the next insidious or such, expect an easy viewing violent filled feature.

Watch for:
Erin the annihilator.
Death by blender.

Avoid for:
If you want scares.
Terrible dialogue.

Overall Decision:
Watch it now
*Orange Wednesdays*
Buy/ rent it
Wait for tv

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