Films of the week – Kick-Ass 2 and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

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The films of note this week are Kick-Ass 2, a sequel to… wouldn’t you have guessed it Kick Ass, and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the follow up to the 2010 original.

Kick-Ass 2

kick-ass 2

Ok, so the original was an incredible feat of film-making, it was a comic that translated to film in such an easy way it astounding many and in some ways changed the way comics are adapted. The reins were handed to Jeff Wadlow, this would be his first ‘R’ rated film and the budget would eclipse all previous budgets he’d had for previous projects. So the pressure was on Wadlow to produce, and ultimately he does. It holds its own, shot in the same vein as the first one and with all the characters back for more it is a thoroughly enjoyable tongue-in-cheek action movie. Take a bow Wadlow.

Set soon after the first one, Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and Kick Ass (Taylor-Johnson) are trying to live normal lives, without the death and destruction, but it isn’t going to plan. With Kick Ass eager to get back into action he trains with Hit Girl as they plan to fight crime together. But as Hit Girl decides to give up on crime, it’s left to Kick Ass to team up with a vigilante team led by Colonel Stars and Stripes. However, the world’s first super villain is out for revenge with Kick Ass at the top of his list.

It’s a good film, there’s plenty of action, plenty of violence… actually tons of violence and a decent story line. The one thing that lets it down, Kick Ass himself, throughout the entire film he is overshadowed be Carrey, Moretz and Mintz-Plasse. I know that’s the story of the comic and thus should be adhered but Moretz, in particular, takes her character to a whole different level. You leave the cinema wondering why it couldn’t just be called Hit Girl and get rid of Kick Ass completely.

Watch for: Chloe Moretz.
The Motherf****r’s super villain costume.

Avoid for: Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Overall Decision:
*Watch it now*
Orange Wednesdays
Buy/ rent it
Wait for tv

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters


First off, this is a lovely family film. There’s plenty to keep the kids entertained and plenty for the adults as well. It’s the sequel to the 2010 Lightening Thief, which was a great, granted it doesn’t quite live up to the first one but it’s still well worth a watch.

Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) and his friends are half human half god, with Percy being the god of Poseidon. They live in a camp which is the only safe place for such beings, however when the camp is under threat it is left to Percy and his friends to travel to the sea of monsters to fetch the Golden Fleece while fighting everyone and everything along the way.

Ok, I say sea of monsters, it’s not a sea of monsters. There is technically only one monster and honestly there is very little sea in the entire thing. Like 10 minutes, tops. It chugs along at a steady pace with there being action from the start. That does mean its ending is somewhat anticlimactic but barring that it’s a nice family film. There have been some strong additions to the cast such as Stanley Tucci and Anthony Head, who don’t get much screen time but when they do you’re glad they’re there. I really hope they continue the franchise with the third book in the series, The Titan’s Curse as I think, when these kind of films are done well there’s a big market for them. There’s money to be made!

Watch for: Zombie pirates.

Avoid for: Anticlimactic ending.
Not the best CGI.

Overall Decision:
Watch it now
Orange Wednesdays
Buy/ rent it
Wait for tv


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