Free Days Out – Mayfield Lavender.


Today’s post is an ode to a gorgeous lavender field in Surrey! Hope you all enjoy!

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If you’re looking for a lovely Sunday afternoon out for all ages, head to Mayfield Lavender in Banstead. This gorgeous lavender field certainly makes a good first impression. As you drive down the hill towards the field, great swathes of purple greet you and almost takes your breath away. This tucked away field is only 20 miles from central London, but you could easily be in the South of France. The lavender is planted in great rows, not dissimilar to a pick-your-own farm. Walking through the great rows of beautiful purple and green plants, them seems to hum with the sounds of bees and wasps working overtime . There are over 25 acres to wander through and enjoy. Lavender has been grown on site during the 18th and 19th centuries and has been lovingly nurtured by Brendan and Lorna the current owners. This site has been through the mill with sponsorship let downs, and bird damage but Lorna learnt how to care for the lavender and has been lovingly caring for the site since 2007. There is a small cafe on site as well as a lovely shop where fresh cut lavender is available to buy and lovely bath and body products. Mayfield Lavender is a fun afternoon out for all the family, where you can take a picnic to eat on the lovely benches & enjoy the beautiful scenery.”




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