Gaming Monday- Ode to lost Pikmin

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To date I’ve lost 957 Pikmin. That’s 957 brave little plant-alien-thingies that followed me around, eating nectar, fighting beasties and being adorable that I led into battle and their doom. So this is the confession of my war crimes.

Pikmin 3 isn’t based on Captain Olimar and Louie like 1&2, instead we have Alph, Captain Charlie and Brittany.
Alph idolises the Captain, the Captain has a thing for Brittany and Brittany is a cold hard Botanist who complains she has to share the food with her crew.
You crash land and need to gather food for your starving planet while finding the engine part to help you get home. The local wildlife doesn’t make it easy on you but luckily you have Pikmin to help.


Pikmin respond to the whistle in your suit and will follow your commands. They will pick up and carry fruit back to your ship and they’ll attack creatures and carry the corpses to their “onion” which will turn the dead critter into Pikmin sprouts. It’s the stuff of ecological utopian dreams, recycling DNA to keep the population going.
They’re also good for breaking down walls, fences and anything else getting in your way. There are several types of Pikmin with different strengths. Reds are fire resistant and good fighters, Rock Pikmin can smash things, yellow Pikmin are shock proof, flying Pikmin can fly (duh) and blue Pikmin can swim.

Anyway, back to the guilt. In the story, the “onions” that birth the Pikmin are often trapped in treacherous places so upon rescuing them you instantly start to care for the creatures it spurts out. When I first got my red Pikmin I was so happy I ran around a bit, wary of getting them in to trouble. I then noticed a yellow data file in the water so I ran to it thinking my little guys were safe on the shore. Nope. They followed me in and started drowning. The data file told me to use my whistle to call the Pikmin back on to shore. The little coloured ghosts floated off into space and I wept. Nice one data file, you set out a trap just to teach me a lesson I’ll never forget. I lost 3 Pikmin that day and the death toll kept on rising.

I’m new to the series and quite new to the wii u gamepad so as I got used to the controls, more and more Pikmin suffered. The enemies changed and I had to adapt my technique and utilise my growing army of dudes. I lost 20 fighting a bug with a big tongue who kept eating them unless you hit him from behind. I was heartbroken.

The worst losses are suffered during boss battles. These creatures are huge and require all the gaming skill you’ve ever acquired (if you’re bad at Pikmin like I am anyway) I spent ages throwing Pikmin after Pikmin but it took too long and the others got trampled, drowned or were eaten. It was only after my 5th boss that I remembered to press B, which sends out all the Pikmin at once to attack.
So it’s all my fault. Not the creatures, not the controls and not the game design. It’s all me and I have to live with that. R.I.P little munchkins, I’m sorry for the genocide of your people.

If you’re looking to buy Pikmin, I recommend it. It’s beautifully made and a lot of fun. I just hope you can deal better with their deaths than I can.


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