Films of the week – The Lone Ranger and The Heat.

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Hello, and welcome to the film reviews section of the blog. Firstly, to allow you to gauge my film taste and thus make a decision on whether to listen to anything I write, here’s a little bit about my favourite films. I like to think I have quite an eclectic taste in films; I like Little Miss Sunshine to Casino Royale, Avengers Assemble to Stranger Than Fiction. So if I’ve tickled your fancy I’ll crack on with the films of the week.

The Lone Ranger

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as everyone has been saying. The reviews throughout the country have been pretty abysmal but it’s not that bad. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an extremely hard watch with it lacking the originality and creativity of the first Pirates of the Caribbean but it’s watchable.
It follows the story of John Reid (Armie Hammer), who through a series of unfortunate events finds himself teaming up with Tonto (Johnny Depp) to bring a criminal gang to justice.

It’s not as exciting as it sounds, with it loaded with historical information it lacks something, anything to get the film out of first gear. As the leading man Hammer does his best to shoulder the story and he does a pretty good job, with Depp being at his Sparrow-esque best but it is a means to an end.

With Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer throwing money at the elaborate sets and action sequences it does peak the interest but soon after the action the story is back to being bogged down in the heavy handed history lesson style script.

I had no previous experience when it came to the original Lone Ranger so this story was new to me. I had no preconceptions and I went in with an open mind and I’m glad I did. I couldn’t have imagined sitting in an empty cinema hoping for a piece of cinema master-class and The Lone Ranger appearing on screen.

Watch for: Hammer and Depp.

Avoid for: Story.
History lesson.

Overall Decision:
Watch it now
Orange Wednesdays
Buy/ rent it
*Wait for tv*

The Heat


Two of the funniest female actors in Hollywood. The director of one of the highest grossing female comedy films in history (Bridesmaids) and Biff Tanner.
This film could only be a winner. Paul Feig has created another comedy classic by teaming up Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, both actresses are funny in their own right but put them together and you get a great comedy duo taking on the world.

The Heat follows two cops, Ashburn (Bullock), an FBI agent who thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread and Mullins (McCarthy), a tough Boston cop who just wants to keep her city clean. They are forced together to bring down a drug lord with each of their unique set of skills being on display, from extremely dodgy CPR to interrogation with a phone book.

This film works because on a basic level it is funny. The plot is wafer thin with the emphasis being on character development over story, but that is to be expected from a comedy. And unusually it is not Bullock who is the centre of attention, she is not the funniest person in the film. That mantle goes to McCarthy, her one liners are genius and her interrogation skills should be taught throughout the police force.

As you can tell, I loved this film, wholeheartedly. It’s a film that knows what it is, it doesn’t try to be what it’s not and I appreciate Feig for taking on the challenge again, of a female comedy. So if you’re looking for a film filled with laughs and to admire how Bullock fails to age, get yourself down to The Heat.

Watch for: Bar scene.

Avoid for: If you didn’t like Bridesmaids.
Underdeveloped Marlon Wayans.

Overall Decision:
*Watch it now*
Orange Wednesdays
Buy/ rent it
Wait for tv

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