Nintendo Direct Round-up

If you’re a big Nintendo fan, you probably watched the Nintendo Direct announcement this afternoon.
It was hosted by the ever-friendly Mr. Iwata, the president of Nintendo. If not, here’s a round up of the announcements and other bits.


Previous to today’s announcement, there was a system update for the 3DS involving streetpass. If you visit a Nintendozone hotspot (WH Smith has one) you can streetpass the last person to visit that spot and your data replaces theirs. Pretty cool idea, I’ll be testing it out in the week.

Ok so the first game Mr. Iwata announced was Sonic: Lost World for 3DS and wii u, out 18/10.
The footage showed a co-op option between the DS and wii u version where you can create an RC car and send it to the wii to collect coins/solve puzzles etc.

Next we had Rayman Legends, out 29/8, which will include levels from Rayman Origins, 5 player co-op, online modes and you can dress Rayman & Globox as Mario and Luigi.

The Zelda portion!
First we had a look at the logo for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for DS. Mr. Iwata said that the shadow of the triforce could suggest a different triforce from another world. We saw a trailer for more gameplay footage, including how Link becomes a 2D drawing and can slide along walls into the other world.
We were told that this is set many years after A Link to The Past, and the Link you play as isn’t the same one. The game is due to come out in November.

The second Zelda reveal was a release date for the HD remake of WindWaker for the wii u, out on 4/10. The graphics look crisp, the sailing is faster and some of the more tedious bits have been updated. The original is a bit marmite for Zelda fans because of the graphics. Personally, I think it’s lovely so I’ll definitely be replaying this one.

A bit of a pointless announcement next, Luigi will be in the new super smash bros game for 3DS and wii u.

Not a game announcement as such, but the Animal Crossing community had launched on the wii u today. These communities, for those that don’t know, are discussion boards on the wii relating to different games and series.
Along with this community, Nintendo launched the Animal Crossing: New Lead plaza which is available until 2014. It’s where townspeople from the game wander around and you can post about them, or see which ones you’ve yet to get in your town. I’ve just seen a pig I really want to move in but we’ll see.

You can also exchange QR code designs and images from your game with fans around the world. It’s a very pleasant and fun concept.

Next, Mr. Shibata, the Nintendo president for Europe took over and announced the Animal Crossing: New Leaf promotion which also starts today.
If you have a copy and register it on club Nintendo you get a referral code. If you give this to a friend and they register a Nintendo 3DS XL system and use your code, they get a free downloadable copy of the game. What a lovely bunch Nintendo are!

Pokèmon Rumble U is out on the eShop on 15/8 and there are certain creatures you can only get from codes tweeted by @NintendoUK so keep ’em peeled.

Two 3DS eShop announcements: SteamWorld Dig, a steampunk Wild West game and Super Mario Bros. 2, both available to purchase now.

Quite a few indie games out soon, trailer for your enjoyment is here

Two more 3DS titles, Etrian Odyssey: Legends of the Titan out 30/8 as Shin Megami Tensei- Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers out 13/9.

We then saw footage of the last Professor Layton game as the video ended… Or did it?
Mr. Shibata dressed as Phoenix Wright then shouted “Objection” and a trailer for Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright was shown. I was extra excited about this one but I’ll have to wait until next year unfortunately.

So, there you have it. If you want to see this Nintendo Direct, and I highly recommend it, you can do so here

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you on Monday

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