Low Carb Mash with Grilled Vegetables

Recipes HeaderCurrently I am on something of a health kick and therefore am searching out all of the delicious, healthy meals I can find whilst trying to not spend my life thinking ‘I’m so hungry I think I’m actually dying’.

IMG_2661A gem I discovered this week came from GemsMaquillage and it is the lovely Creamy Low Carb Mash which is made with cauliflower, a little butter, salt & pepper, and, if you want it, a sprinkling of cheese.

I’m quite a lazy cook so the simpler the recipe the better, and this one pretty much is as easy as it gets. For a side dish I use about 250g of cauliflower or if I’m using it as a base to my meal, like tonight, I’ll use 500g. I believe 500g of cauliflower comes to about 125 calories which is a pretty big difference from the approximate 580 calories in the same volume of potato.

To make the mash:

  • Break the cauliflower up into small pieces
  • Place in a saucepan with some water – hot or cold, doesn’t matter
  • Boil for about 10 minutes, or until it is quite soft
  • Drain and then either put the cauliflower through a blender or do as I did and use a hand blender until it is smooth and fluffy. (Mine came from Tesco for about £10 and I love it)
  • Add in a knob of butter and seasoning then stir. Voilà!

To accompany my mash this evening I decided to go for grilled courgette & aubergine which I sliced and chopped, covered with a very light drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and pepper. I contemplated a little drizzle of honey too but unfortunately every bottle of honey in my house had turned to very solid crystals and I was on a time limit.
These were grilled in about 5-10 minutes.

I was very limited with sauces this evening so I chose a small splash of dark soy sauce which, honestly, I expected to taste awful as a combination but it was actually very pleasant. So there you go, my recommendation for a light meal.
Do remember that this meal wholly consists of vegetables so you might want to add in a little protein or carbohydrate to make sure you’re getting plenty of nutrition.

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