Gaming Monday – 10 Signs You May Be an Animal Crossing: New Leaf Addict

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1)      You’ve played every day since purchase- even popping on for 10 minutes on your lunch break “just to buy the fortune cookies and tidy up a bit”. Addicts always rationalize their behaviour and you’re no different

2)      You get noticeably angry when you see a house on Streetpass that has nicer stuff than you- this eventually leads to spending all the bells you’d saved to pay off that bridge on a matching bed, table and wardrobe

Gaming Monday

3)      Your twitter feed is insufferable to non AC fans- I’m guilty of this but if you’re in the deep stages of AC addiction your timeline will consist of bitching about Tom Nook, complaining when your residents offer you a t-shirt for 800 bells and how funny the catchphrases are, Crushy!

4)      You realised that the last word in number 3 was an AC catchphrase, you then laughed and sighed and looked back down at your DS

5)      You’ve started walking around with your DS at all times- walking enough steps to earn plenty of play coins has become your daily goal, you’re also hoping that you’ll walk past someone with a DS in a desperate bid to streetpass as many people as possible. Please don’t hang around schools or parks waiting for kids with AC, it’s creepy

6)      You’re a feng sui expert- your own room is a tip, filled with posters and photos of bands and friends long forgotten. You’ve had the same bed since you were 10 and your style is lacking. Your AC avatar on the other hand, is totally stylish and modern! Your house is styled to perfection so that the angry Otter from the Happy Home Academy gives you loads of points

7)      You take everything the characters do/say personally- you’ve probably complained to your other half while reading this “Phyllis is so rude!” “That stupid Sheep tried to buy my piranha for 500 bells what am I? A bloody charity?!” These cries of despair are often met with indifference but it’s ok, your AC friends will understand.

8)      You’ve perfected your daily town maintenance routine- and it’s pretty swell if I do say so myself! Every day you’re looking to find the most bells, pick the most fruit, catch the most bugs and get Blathers to ID those fossils in the hopes you can sell them instead of donating them.  It’s all going to Tom Nook or to build the café but it’s worth it for the applause the tiny cartoon animals give you at the end

9)      You start to question the game’s logic but continue playing- If I’m Mayor then why aren’t I getting paid and why do I have to self-fund all these projects? If Puck could afford to buy my Dino egg for 4000 bells then why can’t he contribute money to build the lamppost he requested? What does Reese do with all the fruit and bugs I give her? Why does no-one go to watch KK Slider DJ anymore?

10)   You only made it to number 5 because you saw a shark in game and if it’s a whale shark that’s 15,000 bells towards your basement extension!

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