Welcome! Let’s make drinks! Lemon & Lime Ice Tea Crush

Recipes HeaderAs a warm welcome to Wendy House blog we bring to you a quick how-to on whipping up a refreshing cooler as a break from all of the overheated lying-in-the-garden we’ll be doing. Nothing complex here – I don’t have the skills or the cash flow.

I found myself melting away in the garden and mentally rifling through my parents’ fridge and decided some Lemon & Lime ice tea was needed as it was definitely far too hot for a cup of boiling tea infusions. Thankfully we had several limes as someone had problems buying kiwis. We also often have fresh lemons as I am the proud owner of a baby lemon tree but unfortunately, I am also a very bad mother to it and the sunshine is slowly killing it, so I settled for some lemon juice I found lying about in the fridge.

You could say, if you wished to slightly exaggerate, that I have something of an addiction when it comes to buying tea. Some may say this is a problem, I say it means that when I want to make lemon ice tea I luckily have green tea with lemon teabags. So there.

So, here are the ingredients I used with the boiling water just out of shot. Nobody needs a picture of my kettle.


My ingredients

For this I used two teabags but if you want it a little stronger then go ahead and throw a few more in. Just about any green or herbal tea would be fine for this and you can mix up your recipe to create some different flavours.

I filled my jug to about half way with boiling water and stirred it until the tea had infused. I won’t lie, it smelt divine.


Add boiling water


Leave to infuse for 2-3 minutes

I threw out my teabags and then added copious amounts of crushed ice because it’s quicker than waiting for boiling water to cool down. Be careful to not do as I did and pour almost a pint of crushed ice onto the floor and your feet. Try to keep it in the jug.


Add ice

I then took a quarter of my lime and squeezed the juice straight into jug. I would have used my lovely glass lemon juicer but, honestly, I don’t know where it is. As is standard method with all cooking I do.


Add a squeeze of lime

Following this I threw in a big splash of lemon juice, stirred, tasted, approved.

Cut up a little slice of lime, throw in some pretty straws and you’re done.

I filled a glass with crushed ice and added my ice tea for the authentic ‘crush’ texture.



Drank the whole jug.

If that wasn’t reason enough to jump up right away then this health-kick combo can help lower cholesterol; aid weight loss; freshen your digestive system and boost your skin through its big bump of antioxidants.

Definitely my drink of the summer – possibly with a splash of vodka to make it my go-to summer evening tipple.

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